‘App’t Love

By: LB

Love may be a wondrous thing but the filtered down kind is more lethal than I imagined. The ease of ‘off the app kind of love’ beguiles the most unsuspecting of romantics.

How easy it is to don the garbs of desire, easy comfort, familiarity – only to realise they don’t quite fit. But for a fleeting moment, they end up  leaving you painfully aware of their hollowness.

The chinks in our armour bear witness to the battles lost. But what do we do with everything it has taught us. For me, I find my resolve to love deeply and true wither away in the reality of who stands before me – the quick fix.

Could this be all that is in the cards for me? Does reality outweigh hope? Love by any other name still smell as sweet?

The pages of my belief, ask me to choose faith, hope and love. Love being the greatest of these. I try to find the courage to stay rooted in that word, for it to lead my every step. And for the days that don’t play fair, learn to lean on.


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