By: SG

Epiphany happened. While I try to sort my relationship shite, I realised that I am a cheesy-romantic who wants someone as cheesy.

I want to talk of stars and moon and sea and sand. And I want her to come back to me with oceans and nights and drives and flights et al.

Of course she has to be proud of what I am, what I do. And I want to boast about, bask in the glory of her achievements and her career.

Want to live together for rest of our (whatever is left of) lives. Though am old, I remain hopeful of finding meaningful love. Where we laugh, smile, cry, fight, travel, eat, think, chase our respective passion projects, make our money, leave that impact. Together.

And help each other. Make each other the best versions possible. Be the partners, mentors, confidantes of each other.

First published on twitter.


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