That thing we do

By: NR

Dear Noor,

Good morning. Apologies for the lame attempt at a pun, first thing in the morning. I love that song btw. I don’t know if you do. But the song is one of the best love songs that I’ve heard. Here, here’s the song. Do see it.

So back to the letter.

Noor, last night I was flipping through some photographs of yours that you’d sent me once upon a time. Some of those were taken when you were a kid. Like literally a 3-year-old. Noor, I think that you are the most gorgeous woman in the world but I think I am wrong. You were so so better back then. You were so adorable in those pics. I could stay with that version of you forever.

Noor, you know how I feel about kids. And despite that, I am serious. You were that adorable in those pics.

You know Noor, that’s something that I’ve always wanted to do with you. Sit on a comfortable couch, you in my lap, listening to our favorite music, including That Thing You Do and others, and flip through your old albums. I’ve always wanted to do it Noor. Always. Remember Ellie and Carl from Up?

I would’ve pestered you to talk about each photograph. Walk down the memory lane with me. Know about all those people in those pics, remember them and when I would’ve met them, surprise them about stories that you would’ve told me about them.

Noor, I would want to know who clicked the pic and why. I would’ve pecked you every time you’d told me of a story that brings out the adorable you out. And knowing you, each photo of you would have a story around it. And since you are so camera-friendly, I reckon you would have like a million photos like that. No? More the merrier! Selfish me!

Each photo of you Noor, as a child would have those priceless expression. Remember those photos of you that I got framed Noor? Not a day passes when I don’t look at those photographs. If I had access to your old albums, I don’t think I’d do anything else. You anyway are on top of my mind in everything I do and with your photos, I think I’d be rendered useless!

It’s one of those things Noor that I had to do with you by my side. I had kept it as a secret, hoping that once we are together, I’d open it for you. And surprise you. But that never happened. May be it won’t happen. Or it may. Depends on how bad my craving for your company is. And how daft God could be. Despite all these things, I’d continue to pray Noor.

I wish some day we get to do it. I just hope that I am not too old to take your weight in my lap.

Some day Noor. Inshallah.

Till then…

Love Always,
12 Nov 2014


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